About HSSE


HES International B.V. has a great deal of experience with liquid bulk terminals and has the required expertise for building a high-quality and safe terminal.

The terminal is being constructed in line with latest regulations and guidelines (among which PGS 29) and fulfils the highest environmental and safety standards.

Permission from the government is required to start construction.  Several procedures must be gone through first, among which an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and an application procedure for the environmental permit and the environmental construction permit.

As part of the procedures, an assessment takes place of the future building and business operations. Experts determine the extent to which these activities influence the environment and safety, and the hindrance or nuisance they might cause in the immediate surrounding area. It is also determined whether enough effort to minimize a possible negative impact has been employed.

Consultations are a standard part of the procedure, and they give stakeholders an opportunity to be heard, thereby influencing the outcome.

During the operational phase as well as during construction, standards, procedures and instructions are used to ensure safe operations. HES International B.V. draws from new insights and practical experience gained from other comparable terminals.